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Post Subject: The single-stage Milq and power Supplies.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 5/3/2007

I am very much do not like the current state of my mind about the single-stage Milq. Let me to explain….

In 2001-2002 I spend some time trying to assess the sonic influence of PS to sound. After making numerous tests and prototypes I concluded that SS soft-fast-switching rectification with following high DCR and slow-core LCRC filter does fine. What was important that it did fine in full range context making sound in a way full-range-wise acceptably balanced.

Now, I am about to convert my Milq into a singe stage amp that will not work full range and will have very limited power (still, in class A) and the amp will most likely would require very different type of power supply. I remember that during my former sonic assessments I was particularly concern about the minute nuances of bass structure, the bass WHILE the amp will handled the full range. It will not be any bass in all 4 single-stage Melquiades and therefore my former experience about power supplies are absolutely irrelevant….

I spoke with a number of peoples about the power supplies trying to understand if any common knowledge exists abut the subject but it confused me even more. Everyone use own solutions that they claim work find works for them. All of them use low sensitively loads. Furthermore all of their conclusions contradict each other. To insult the injury I will say that no one from whom I heard looked in the direction of sonic attributes analyses for  power supply that feed speakers with dedicated or (limited) frequency range…

So, where it brings me? Pretty much to nowhere. I know that my former LCRC with enormous size of the last capacitor sitting right the tube cathode (ground in my case) might not work and it makes HF slightly hard and thinner with increase of dynamic, affecting the “space” quality of sound:

So what to do now? The possibilities are really endless. To stay with high impedance supply using the inductance filtering or the high capacitance filtering? To go for a simplify CRC filtration? To go for LCLCLC flirtation with minimal non-electrolytic capacitance? To go for tube rectification (many types) with different combination of filters? To go for higher AC frequency power supply? To go for transformerless regeneration? To go for a voltage regulation? There are many other opportunities and all of then very simple to implement. Still, I really am not wiling to try all of them not to mention that it is VERY difficult (if any possible) to evaluate a solution unit the 4 channels will be built and all channel are connected… I do not know… perhaps I need to make gain stage, mount in into Macondo (the PS will be separate anyway) and then juts change the type of the PS for B+? (The bias supplies are no controversial and bias supplies will remain as is)

It would be interesting to hear from anyone who made experiments with power supplies for narrow frequency range and high sensitively but still…. will this experience applicable for my given case (the type of the tube I use and some other specifics of my Milq)? I really do not have answers and… I am very glad that the Super Melquiades is up and running perfectly… letting me DO NOT DO ANYTHING… Such a great feeling….

Anyhow, if you have any thoughts then feel free to share them as I am kind of at lost here…

Romy the caT

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