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Post Subject: Re: Expressive Technologies transformers...Posted by Antonio J. on: 12/31/2004

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Thank you very much for your responses guys. I'll see if I can get a S&B to try with the EAR and listen how the music benefits or not from it.

Romy: I understand things in the same way you do, I mean that I mainly listen to the music, you may remember when I had a serious disappointment with my system's sound, but that was fixed by the Bidat. Now I try tweaks and upgrades, but I'm not looking for "more" I just pay attention to the music and when I listen I can forget about "sonics", but this doesn't "fix" the fact that I know that my system should do some things different to really sound like I want it to sound. Perfect sound? I don't think so, but it would be "the sound to forget about sound". The matter here is that one cannot know for advanced if one tweak or upgrade will take you into the desired direction (there's not a single person out there that can really know it because each of us has it's own taste, expectations and needs to be fulfilled to get true musical enjoyment), thus some testing is required, but there are too many brands, models, and devices out there that having some clues about what is worth trying is very very welcome.

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PS: I have e-mailed S&B and I received an answer from Jonathan Billington, adressing me to this site: They build the SUT using their transformer as Bent does. Do you know them?

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