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Post Subject: First, the IdeaPosted by Paul S on: 4/30/2007

Without addressing your particular choice of brands, I suggest that you keep looking and listening to get an idea of what you want to hear in trerms of the sound itself and how that differs from what you are hearing or have heard.  We all have to start somewhere, but none of the  labels make real sense without a sort of mental blueprint, which IMO can be vague enough to simply reject what one does not like.  OTOH, it is very helpful to know what you want well enough to be able to "listen for it" and from there, with luck, try to determine, steer and refine a whole system into the sort of sound you want.  You are way ahead if you can get a speaker/amp/room pairing to build on.  At some point you just have to ante up and start working with a combination you think has enough good to merit working with it.  If you have the money for the big Cessarios, congratulations on a nice commercially-available place to start.  But you still need to have the idea first, IMO.

If you mainly want brand recommendations, I recommend Auido Assylum, or similar.  There are plenty of experienced audiophiles on these boards who will be happy to steer you along.

You will be amazed at how winding the road you will follow on others' recomendations.

Best regards,
Paul S

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