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Post Subject: Mahler VI and the “new” Macondo.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 4/29/2007

I spent today couple hours starting to search the DPoLS for Macondo. So far I am far from target but the experience was quite amassing. The “new”, properly aligned Macondo, with the bells and Water Drop and whistles does quite well. I have some “tested” recordings that I usually use for DPoLS experiment but here the Macondo did so nice that I decided to play something very complex and to see how Macondo will swallow it.

I took Mahler VI by Karajan and Berlin. Karajan is hardly my most adored conductor but I need to pay the dues where it warranted. Karajan was able to convert Berlin Philharmonic into such an ideal playing machine that it is scare. The Studio recording of Mahler VI was from my point of view one of those many performances. Sure it is not the psychedelic and hypnotizing live performance of Barbirolli with Philharmonia but from another hand it still have own very high merit.

The Berlin orchestra on this recording sound so interesting that it is possible to dive and swim in that Sound, razing on waves of the Mahler’s frenzied bombastisizm and sinking into the valleys of Berlin’s amassing ability to play pianissimo. The discipline of this performance is extraordinary and it requires a very high discipline of playback to play it, and particularly to play it at realistic volume levels.

I very much appreciate what Macondo did today. I detected some minor problems but I know how to address them. However, all together it was a perfect sensation to surmise this thread declaring the last modification of my Macondo as a great success…

The happy Pussy.

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