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Post Subject: S&B, JensenPosted by Chirag on: 12/30/2004

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Hi guys,

these do seem quite interesting, but much of the written hoopla i've seen is coming from some of the less interesting characters on another BBS.

from a fairly capable system i heard last week, the S&B's set for maximum gain seemed to work quite well with a big old technics table, old SME and some cart i don't remember.  the system did have a massive hole in percieved quantity/quality above 3k so i cannot be completely confident in trying the S&B's in my own setup, but they definitely showed serious promise.

has anyone tried the the big Jensen MC's? its a name i don't see come up too often, but they don't impress me as incompetent.  a nice 27db gain, 75 ohm Jensen 347 could show promise.


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