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Post Subject: The sound from the “default” Melquiades still will be there.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 4/25/2007

 RonyWeissman wrote:
Hi romy, thanks for info. I am going to stick with the 2-stage plan then as it will not be DSET but full range and my mid-bass is somewhat barbaric at this point.  I have found someone to build for me, though we have not discussed fees yet.  I'll probably be using the Tribute transformer as well.

Yes, sure, if I go a full range amp then I would defiantly stick with 2 stages version. The single-stage is in away too radically-specific way to go and I am not convinced at this point that it is a wining way to.  A single stage has very limited scope of applications - a two stage Milq would make way more universal amp. There is NO HUGE difference between in sound of 2 stages and one stage, the difference does exist but it is way less than I would initially expected…

One of the many incentives for me to try a single stage because the single stage has no excessive power. You see, I for instance would like to couple the voice coils of my drivers to the secondary of my amps, implementing all filters at line level. Currently I split filters doing some at speaker level and some at line level. I can not drive with my 6C33C channel directly my compression drivers because the 6C33C has too much power and because the 6C33C might become violent when it dies. With the sub 2W of 6E5P I am planning to couple the transformers to the drivers and it might be interesting. There are some other reasons: the MF high-pass mystery that I never was able to resolve and few other thighs….

Still, doing whatever crazy and Macondo-dedicated things I will be doing with one stage I will have my full-range Milq as a tested reference trying to get result no worse then the one that I got from a “default” Melquiades ….

Romy the Cat

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