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Post Subject: Considerations for 2-stage Melquiades vs. single-stage MilqPosted by Romy the Cat on: 4/25/2007

And email from a site’s visitor:….

“And for my full-range Melquiades, should I still try and build the original version or wait to see result of what you are working on now?”

This is a complicated question about 2-stage Melquiades vs. single-stage Milq. Both amps have the same sound. It was said before many time that the sound of Melquiades derive from driver stage not from out stage.  Dima has built in past a few renditions of Milq with different output stages, including GM 70 and SS and he reports the all amps sound in the same way. Still, will a single stage Milq preserve all qualities of the tested 2-stage Melquiades. I do not know the answer at this point. There are some minor advantages in the way how the single-stage Milq produces the sounds but I have no references about Sound of the single-stage Milq. Once again: the Sounds vs. Sound – the very big difference. Since the single-stage Milq will be DSET by nature it’s final sound might be asses only in contexts of Macondo tuned for the capacity of the given DSET (and vise versa). I do not have this experience at this point. I am wiling to try if I find the right transformers for HF channels.

Some other considerations for people who might look at the direction of single-stage Milq.

Look at the driver of your upper bass horn and make sure that you will have enough power, gain, dumping … and juice to drive this channel with single-stage or with single-stage with parallel tubes if necessary. Another thing is power. With single-stage Milq you get whatever you get power-vice and it is it. There is no room for maneuvers of any kind. If you have the same sensitively channels then you can’t for instance decrease plate loading for a selected channel as you will loose gain. With 2-stage Melquiades you can more idle the tube and more open up the input voltage divider but with single-stage Milq it is not the option as the channels amplifier the full grid throttle. Also, if you consider a single-stage Milq then watch the room size. In my room single-stage Milq has enough gain to drive the Macondo loud enough. Should I have 3 times larges room then I do not know that it would be the case, most likely not…

I think if I had problems with room size and if I had a preamp with gain then I would be able to get 6-10 more dB from preamp. However, I do not know if the single-stage Milq would have enough power to care more grid current. If someone is interested I might make some measurement of the single-stage Milq, it would not be difficult…

To be continuing….
Romy the caT

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