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Post Subject: "... sound without that damn granularity…"Posted by Romy the Cat on: 4/24/2007

 ml8 wrote:
You see, i'm always struggling to find sound without that damn granularity in it, but so far i did not succeeded. Only few of my amps (DHT with kenotron rectifier) were almost free of granularity, but still they all have other flaws and i took them apart for later projects. Still i don't know exactly WHY they was sounding so smooth -- is it DHT, or kenotron, or something else?

Actually granularity was never a subject of my frustration. I do not think that granularity or it’s lock important itself but rather it is important in context of everything else, like harmonic signature of amp and many other aspects… Else, there is granularity and there is graininess…

I very much do not feel that finer granularity and more refine graininess are unconditionally better. Most of the OTL beat anything else in graininess and granularity but most OTL are hardly useable with conventional speakers because other sonic facts of OTLs. Generally fewer capacitors have very positive effect to granularity, and type of PS and…. God know what else…

BTW, admitting that single-stage Milq has better granularity characteristics I do not automatically claim that it is better version then a two-stage Milq. You see a full range Milq was tested musically and was exposed to very ruthless assessment of it musical neutrality and many other factors. The single-stage Milq did not go over it as I used the single-stage Milq so far only as dedicated amp for a number of single band-pass channels. I did invested some time and effort to assure that the given channels driver by full Milq and the single-stage Milq has the identical harmonic structure (30mA at 16R into ~3000R). However, it is not the assurance that the 4 channels, operating full (over 100Hz) range will not have the problems of some others low granularity amplifiers…

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