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Post Subject: Hm, it is VERY tempting.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 4/23/2007

Well, the more I think about it then more I realized that I would like to try it. I’m contemplating to make 5-6 channels on single-stage Milq: 4 channels for each Macondo channel and 1-2 reserved for any perspective lower bass channel or for perspective 6E5P paralleling for bass horns. The more I think about it the more I realizing how easy it would be. Another very motivating for me factor is that is that if I go for it I was thinking to build-in the single-stage Milq inside my speaker frame…. It would be very interesting solution with virtually no speaker wires and direct coupled drivers.

Also, ml8, since for 30mA I have enough core mass in the Amorphous Lundahs to get any gap and any inductance then I am considering what would be the optimum gapfor OPT. Currently I use Lundahl LL1623 in “D” configuration, 50mA at 60H in primary. I was considering keeping it for upper bass channel (with single tube) and for higher frequency channel to go for 40-50mA but for much less core mass and much less turns (inductance). I will not buy transforms for reserved channels of course and will keep the 5th  or perhaps 6th channels only as a placeholder.

The fun part is that the more I think about that 6 channels on single-stage Milq (with no bass channel) the more I realize how simple it might be… It I design a good layout for building it in my Macondo then it might take literally one day to put it all together…

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