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Post Subject: Ok, boys, this is kind of ... big!!!Posted by Romy the Cat on: 4/22/2007


I spent today a number of hours trying to advance my observations regarding abilities of the one-stage Melquiades. It was quite interesting. Thankfully the electivity today was way better during the second part of day. I loaded the 6E6P heavier (it has a “fascinating” reaction to plate loading) and…. eventually I was able to found a configuration where I do feel that one-stage Melquiades performed better then MF and HF channels of the Super Melquiades. I have to note that the DIFFERENCES ARE MANOR but they are notable.

The one-stage Melquiades in comparing to two-stage Melquiades has:

1) Less granularity of sounds
2) Better ability to care stress, it less “confusing” during crescendos and those chorus' mess
3) "Cleaner" highest frequencies
4) Some sense of more advanced refinement and delicacy
5) Less tackiness
6) Less syntactic upper mid range.

Once again: those advantages are VERY-VERY minor but they are there. I DO feel that the amplitude of those advantages, regardless not low they are is a reasonable incentive to pursue a single-stage Melquiades with high sensitivity. I do recommend to the folks who have near 110dB sensitive speakers and who do not have a huge room to pay attention to those observations, I will. I do not know at this point if I go for it but to make a 4-chennal single-stage Melquiades will be remarkable simple. Well, perhaps to have juts a single resistor and a “smart” tube in a signal pass does matter….

Once again, my applauds to the 6E6P/6E5P…

Romy the Cat

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