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Post Subject: Walking on the ice…Posted by Romy the Cat on: 4/21/2007

Yes, I ma very enthusiastic to see what resume I will get. I would not use a single-stage amplifiers with low sensitively speaker. Low sensitively speaker and high sensitively speakers are different school of thinking in term of amplification. They have different demands for power supply and different amplifier compliance (and I do not mean just dumpling)…. I have a feeling that amplifier for high sensitively is like walking a slippery, covered in ice slope. Any rough move leads to undesirable consequences…

Anyhow, I concluded that I drove the 6E6P-DR too hard and now I am at 30mA, 180V. The B+ is SS, fast-0soft switching, LCRC filtered. It will be fun to listen the thing today.

BTW, I would like to personally express my gratitude to you. Over the years Dima and I were thinking about those experiments but your post was the actual trigger the made me to reconsider it again and try it…

Also, since you drive then “naked” then may I ask you how the 6E6P/6E5P dies if they have no second stage. I mean if I load them to the HF driver with line level filter then do they do HF “pops” when they are ready to go south?

Also, Dima, since I have multiple, sections on the Lanhdale secedes keeps pushing me to try the ultraliner version of a single-stage Milq… I will probably will… if the 6E6P/6E5P will sound itself more or less usable….

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