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Post Subject: The one-stage Melquiades.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 4/21/2007

 ml8 wrote:
So sometimes i just wonder why do you need 6C33C at all, with your high-sensitive speakers.

This thread is a derivation of the “5 Channel Version of Melquiades” thread:

Following numerous signs and leads I decided to try how one stage Melquiades might behave. I converted my failed headphone amp into one stage Milq. It took less then 2 hours: to toss the 6C19P, put in the Melquiades driver and to reset bias and plate voltages.

I decided to go for 6E6P just because I am lazy and the 6C19P and 6E6P have virtually identical pins layout. I drive 6E6P-DR at ~7.1W (42mA and 167V) with Amorphous Lanhdale LL 1623 transformer of 50mA/60H connected 17:1

The amp after the first re-assembly worked perfectly: both channels have identical current and identical gain. The amp drove 95dB monitors, sure with no juice, no dumping and no volume. I connected the amp for a very short time for Macondo: the volume was more then fine; in fact I would say 6-8dB louder then with Super Melquiades – enough gain! No noise, no freakishness during start and fade, no ferrite bids and no oscillations… Very nice, indeed!

The biggest question would be how good the Sound would be. I did not listen it and decided to let it burn over night and to listen it over weekend. It will be very interesting journey…

Romy the Cat

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