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Post Subject: Macondo Frame modification: what might be next?Posted by Romy the Cat on: 4/18/2007

Sure, I’m very much done with Macondo and the late frame is the last straw that I load to this camel. It took 60-7 years come up with where Macondo is now and I do like how it turned out to be. In a week or so I will be done and I will post the pictures.

However, a question is popping in my mind: what would be next if I have motivations to go. The next would be a midbass horn of I would say 55-140Hz. I would current my current upperbass horn and do not drive the resonance frequency all the way up and would make it to do the moderate 150Hz but those 150Hz would come form crossover, not from the horn mouth. Then from the bottom I would add the midbass horn, putting it atop of the current frame and loading it to ceiling, utilizing the entire height of room. Then I would drone the crossover point of my lower bass section from 65Hz to I would say 35Hz….

Frankly speaking: if I know how to implement delays for the rest of the channels when I use midbass horn than I would have no problems to do it. I have stored drivers, I have frame that will be able to care it and if I have the delay position and some motivations then I would not see any impediments…

So, far I am all set and content with Macondo, those this empty space between the “Fundamentals Horns” and ceiling looks…. tempting.

The Cat

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