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Post Subject: nbcPosted by Knightcrawler on: 4/8/2007
 NBC wrote:
Hi Romy,

1) What dimensions for 1808 baffle would you suggest?
The Golden rule is: 1.6 height, 1.0 width, 0.6 depth.

2) Is floor-firing vs. front-facing cone useful or preferred?
I wouldn't use the 1808 or 8196 in a floor firing sub, to much turbulance and resistance.

I believe you wrote LF channels should be placed in arc outside midbass channels.
It would depend on the crossover point and room accoustics.

3) Any *general tips* about placement of 1808 cone(s), in relation to midbass horn channel (e.g., time alignment) and room boundaries?
I've always like the subs to be in front and close to where the mid and highs are coming from, even though bass is slower and will arrive at the listener position later if a time delay is not used.

4) Your thoughts about digital equalization (DEQ2496) for <50Hz subwoofer channel ONLY?
Eq's are great to smooth nasty peaks or to provide a little bump at the low end. Less is more when it comes to eq's, better to build the best enclosure for the enviroment that you can then trying to fix it with a eq.


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