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Post Subject: About everything except MC cartridges...Posted by Romy the Cat on: 4/6/2007

 Stringreen wrote:
Indeed I do know that high wattage does not necessarily mean that accurate dynamic shadings are successfully reproduced, however, I will tell you that my high power amps do the job well, and his tubes do not. ??

It has to do only with the specifics of your given loudspeakers. Some loudspeakers are like a black hole for dynamics as they compress hugely until you drive them with a low of power. Once again, it is not the benefit of “more power” but the deficiency of the acoustic systems. There are a lot of reasons why.
 Stringreen wrote:
A fault in my system is that the these dynamics become truthful only when the volume is increased to a particular loudness level...not loud mind you, but certainly not background music level.  This volume level is not a function of the volume control which at the "reality level" points to 7 o clock, 9 o clock, 1 o clock depending on the source feeding the preamp.  Also, I am not talking of canon shots, thunder, or A-bomb explosions...  ??

You not suppose to explain about the canon shots as etc. Anyhow, it is very common problem when dynamic range collapses with volume. I would be a different there to discuss it but two the most common reasons is a use of digital volume controls and  use insufficient driver stages.
 Stringreen wrote:
Regarding your last thought about the wonderful instruments .....I would rather hear a wonderful performance on a supermarket instrument than a good performance on a Strad.  This brings up what a wonderful performance is....   Check out 2 Tchaikovsky violin concerts...  Heifitz and  Bell.  What touches your soul?? ??

And it is exactly why I do not like ether Heifitz or Bell (partially Heifetz) and prefer Tossy Spivakovsky. Tossy played his 1721 Strad - it is not one of the greatest Strads the  “mediocre” one, however he with his "touch" made the Strad for this concert to sound with a perfect (and for my point of view essential) for this work tone: not too “victoriously-celebrative” but at the same time not too “tragical” .

If you do not know this performance you might find my comments at:

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