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Post Subject: No further corrections.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 12/23/2004

 guy sergeant wrote:
any chance of a similar climb down on the 'adequate but not exceptional' 834P?
Not really.

The 834PT still holds ground and the more I hear different phonostages the more firmly it does. I can’t tell you if it is due to the SU2 sitting before the 834PT or whatever other reasons (and there ARE few other reasons).

Guy, I hope you understand that our classification of audio gismos and granting to them the adjectives “best” and “worst” is purely a following the rules of the game, the foolish audio game. In reality, the audio games are very much inappropriate and the relevant performance of one or another object of audio is totally out the touch with the real duty of the object. What the SU2-834PT does is completely sufficient to satisfy my demands in phonocorrectors and I personally did not hear any phonocorrectors that would deliver that same level of peaceful satisfaction.

It is really not about a desire to climb down or climb up and if tomorrow I realize that SU2-834PT (in context of my system and my objectives) demonstrate some intolerable weaknesses then I would declare myself a Moron and remove the SU2-834PT from my admirable pedestal. But it is not happening…

If you find yourself in Boston then I will be very glad to demonstrate to you the “weakness” of SU2-834PT in their full glory.

Merry Christmas,
The Cat

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