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Post Subject: LO MC, Tone and DynamicsPosted by Paul S on: 4/4/2007
Stringreen, what an interesting series of posts.  I generally enjoy musicians' takes on hi-fi, especially as these relate to sound (versus music).  In all performances there are so many things to listen for and to.  What I have most enjoyed from LO MCs is the "transparancy", dynamics and detail they can supply to the mix, including, to my ears, more complete harmonic structure than I hear from MM or MI.  You are sensitive to tempi and I am sensitive to pitch and timbre.  It may be that the "Absolute Tone" necessarily "includes" both.
One thing that only seems odd in the context of hi-fi is that a live performance is just that no matter how poor, even in terms of "acoustics".  So, does this mean that the poor live performance necessarily has the "Absolute Tone"?  Even so, it might be something that is of little or no interest to me.

One trick when tuning a hi-fi is to keep everything so "ready" that the system becomes/is transparent to expression.  I have found it easier to get this from LO MC (or the right tape...) than other sources.  Also, SET [despite its power limitations?] can be made to stay very "ready", as long as the speakers are suitably matched to the amp.  I am a little puzzled that you associate power (and may I presume mid-efficiency speakers?) with dynamics, except peak SPL, of course.

To close, I am not really sure how or why, but I hear LO MC and SET as rather more "dynamic" - at least within their limits - than MM and/or hi-power set-ups, which always seem somehow constipated no matter how much absolute power they pack.  I admit that I lost interest in continuing to try this stuff a few years back, but I am in no way stuck on LO MC, HE or SET for any reason other than results, which to my ears (mind) absolutely include more-"realistic"/satisfying dynamics (within their limits).

Best regards,
Paul S

PS: Isn't it glorious to hear great performances via great instruments?

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