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Post Subject: firewall constructionPosted by hagtech on: 4/2/2007

How about some sort of composite?  You need the strength of steel, these parts weigh a lot.  But maybe a different approach.  Maybe something like plywood glued to a sheet of aluminum?  That would give you the solidity and conductivity.  I think it might also work as mechanical damping.  You could put the wood on the topside, which means the metalwork does not have to be too clean in appearance.  Copper would work even better.

Or maybe something like corian instead of plywood?

The hum-bucking windings help mainly in the far field.  That keeps interference from the amplifier stages at a minimum, but does not change the "motor" characteristics in its own mount.  Another trick I recently used is to remove the bells and flip the core, so that it effectively mounts the tranny upside-down.  Don't think that will help you here, though.

I worry about the use of too much mu-metal and the like.  It opens the possibility of too much distortion and influence on the magnetics to the point of audibility.  In this case, less is more.  Try not to force good behaviour, but rather encourage it.  Keep the chokes and trannys out of prison and let them breathe.  I think all they might need is a little space, or rather distance.  A clever arrangement with symmetry may end up providing all the cancellation you need.


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