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Post Subject: Building “Zarathustra II” amplifierPosted by Romy the Cat on: 3/31/2007

A year or so ago I published the evolution of building my full range Melquiades amplifier:

Now, I am staring a thread where I will cover the progress of building Dima’s “Zarathustra II” amplifier. I will besloew but it will be built eventually. The “Zarathustra II” is up to 200W in pure class A1. The amplifier is hybrid with Melquiades’ input stage in SRPP, high current (upto 60A, 90A peaks and 5A constan bias) bipolar output stage, input choke filtered supplies, the Dima’s proprietary “Newton Bias” (it is fixed bias with no cheap tricks for class A operation, still it has some “kinkiness” atop of it). The “Zarathustra II” will have some interesting “activities” with it and I am interested to see what it will do sonically...

The project stared proximally a year ago and Dima had alredy built for me the amplifier section itself. It is 3.5 layers assembly with SS layer at the bottom; with bias, control and automatics layer at the second level (large an convoluted circuitry) and with the tube stage at the top floor. Now it is my part of the game to package everything and build the power supplies for the thing...

I have a well defined design how the amp should look like and how everything might be packaged electrically and magnetically and today I was for a first time tried to implement that layout with the largest parts of the amp. I spent a few hours today but was not able to do what I need dispute the relative simplicity of the task. It looks like it will be a painful journey to package the amp in design I want it to be…

In the end, completely loosing, I did not fine anything better to do as send to Dima the picture of the real-estate that I am fighting with… I made a shot of the pre-dissected Zarathustra.., and then I asked myself: why do not bump it on my site? Here were go…. the Zarathustra in semi-infantry. The parts themself and what my Koshka thinks about it….

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