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Post Subject: Yes, I am very much sure.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 3/10/2007


I am not quite sure what you are trying to say. I did not say that I don't hear above 12KHz and I did not say that there is no sound beyond 60Hz and 12KHz. What I did say that if a given playback/room/conditions has difficulties to reproduce below 60Hz and beyond 12KHz (most of the playbacks) then there is no relay need to pursuit to the dangers frequency zones. What I said was even further: there is a LOT of room to learn and improved how a playback might perform within 60Hz and 12KHz (and particularly in context of ANY two-ways installation). If 60Hz and 12KHz is done properly (very seldom accordance in hi-fi) then it is a good staring point to extend playback sound to more complicated regions up and down.

That was what I said and I said was pretty much expressed an axiom (as most that I post in me “Audio for Dummies” section). Considering your Monolith+D76 experience I would dentally suggest to you that there is much more room for you to discovery the undiscovered yet WITHIN my axiom then to argue about the axiom’s validity.

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