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Post Subject: Tube "preferences"Posted by Paul S on: 3/4/2007

No question in my mind that the tubes themselves contribute to the sound we get from tube-based systems.  Funny how I go to such lengths to get "quiet" tubes and use dampers even as I realize that even the quietest tubes are doing their bit to/for the end product.

But surely this tube noise is a matter of degree?  For instance, I once owned the original Music Reference RM-9, which could use EL-34 variants, KT-88 variants or 6550 variants.  Not only were there plenty of differences between the tube "families", but there were also similarities between members of the same "family" that did not seem to be "electrical" so much as "mechanical".  Germane to this discussion, I found the very popular KT-88s to be flat-out too noisy, although other listeners "preferred" the "richer and more immediate/lively" sound.  Likewise with AC powered filaments in some set-ups, where the noise just over rode the other pleasant "effects" for me.  Shades of the "lively" TT set-up... 

Back to the "oops" theory, I suppose, along with all the other "problems" we encounter.  How can we use them to our advantage...

Best regards,
Paul S

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