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Post Subject: OK, I will do the SPUPosted by Romy the Cat on: 12/12/2004

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OK, I will try the SPU mono. I have some questions:

It comes in a headshell with SME bayonet. I really do not need it. Can I remove the cartridge and mount it on a normal “tow-holes from top” tonearm? If it is removable then what be the mass of the cartridge without the shell? Is SPU mono actually a true mono or it is a mono-strapped version of their stereo cartridges? SPU comes form “Stereo Pick Up” so, I wonder… When we cross-wire the stereo cartridges we cancel out the lateral modulations but still it would be nice do not have any of them to begin with….

The Cat

PS: Yes, they all are 2-3mv without built-in step-ups.

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