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Post Subject: Genlecs on sticks - ouchPosted by op.9 on: 2/19/2007
My string quartet have just spent 6 days recording haydn and being assaulted by nasty Genlecs. I can assure you that this is NOT what I want my system to sound like. (Actually I sort of began to see the point of them after a while.. but that's another story)

Dominic - At the moment I'm using ..

highs - BMS 4540nd - 1500hz lecleach roundhorn. crossover 1st order HP @ 30khz and 3khz
5842 choke loaded (reg psu) RC coupled into 6N15N (EL84)  with a custom sowter mumetal >1000hz xformer

midrange - BMS4592nd (midrange only special version) 250hz lecleach roundhorn. Crossover at 3khz LP and 600hz HP
5842 RC loaded into 2a3 parafeed into magnaquest cobalts.

midbass - Precision Devices PD15SB40nd in a 28litre concrete cast sealed box Q=.5. LP 70hz 1st order
5842 xformer coupled into Tripath amp 3020

the horns come out of a rakk dac with lundahl LL1674 passive outputs
the midbass use a behringer DEQ2496 (26cm delay) modified with passive outputs.
all crossovers are electrical - apart from the tweeter shelving cap and the inductor on the midrange

bass is a bit tricky in the room I'm in at the moment so I sometimes switch on my W subs (open baffle with 2* jbl 2226) with a behringer FBD as equaliser.

Actually the midbass section works very well indeed. Really very surprising sound. Very dynamic indeed. I have no problem playing high volume piano with no nasties appearing. And the HF roll off is very good sounding - very nice liquid sound, which works well with the mid horn.

When I move into the barn I'll probably replace the midbass with either a 45hz horn (suspended from ceiling) or a 90hz horn on the floor. I still have no idea how low this will get me. I'm prepared for the 45hz horn to need cutoff at 75hz or something - so that might leave the subs quite a lot to do.

My latest plan is to experiment with a mono 16hz horn opening into the roof 'corner' (the eaves are open) and wait to see what the 45hz horns do.

At least my immediate question - namely, do I ask my engineer to design the footings with horns underground - is solved with a resounding NO!
thanks to all

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