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Post Subject: A little battle of aristocrat of HF sensitively.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 2/18/2007

My excrements with the RAAL “Water Drop” tweeter are gong on. It looks like it much more complicated to make it to work in Macondo but I hope I will get there. I have some preliminary feeling about the drivers but they are too row and I do not feel that at this point it would serve any public purpose to pass it on.

Meanwhile, since I always skeptical to what manufactures says I was trying to determine the real sensitivity of the “Water Drop”.  Usually I measure sensitivity in relation to my Vitavox S2. The S2 I did run at 1W and measured exactly 109dB.

So, 4 drivers were sitting at the very same position driver form the vest same amplifier and my celebrated instrumental microphone was positioned at listening location. I fined the drivers with a sweep from 2K to 20K. The test does not gibe you the absolute reference values but it perfectly illustrated the relative decay and also very nicely portrays the natural response of the drivers.

Below is a reference response of the 15R Vitavox S2 with no filter of any kind. It well shows BTW the plastic diaphragm’s “bulge” from 3.8k…

Next below is the response or EV T350 with 8R cone and no filter. It is rater at 110dB so it is. Pay attention that it is essentialy an upper MF driver with a sensitivity equal Vitavox only at 10K.

Here is below a Staging Acompany SA8535 driver with no filter. A semi-ribbon with 94dB rated sensitivity. No wonder that professionals use it with 4th order filter…

Eventually, here is below the RAAL “Water Drop” tweeter. It looks like it goes the Vitavox S2 sensitivity and it goes it at the necessary frequency. This sweep was beyond a 1.8uF cap. The driver without the filer has the identical response only with ¼ octave extension toward LF. Beside it, the SHAPE of the sweep of the opened driver with no filter is virtually identical to what you se below.

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