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Post Subject: How to make it working with Vitavox S2?Posted by Romy the Cat on: 2/17/2007

It is complicated. Any tweeter is different and the RAAL’s “Water Drop” tweeter is more different then others. Almond any other tweeters that I heard this tweeter has something absolutely unique- it has no annoying upper MF nose. When I asked Alex to make the tweeter in the shape of bat’s cheeks with no front baffle of any kind I meant to crate an environment when the HF  protuberances would have no surface to bounce off. The design of  “Water Drop” tweeter accomplish it as perfectly as it theoretically possible - as you also see at the picture there are no baffles or even any boundaries in the driver mounting…. Well, I do not know what the real reason for the tweeter’s absent of ambient upper MF noise – I presume that it is the driver’s shape but it also might be the driver’s ribbon, or the suspension or whatever else Alex did in there. However, the amnient noise is not there and it is kind of “different”. The practical difference is that by dropping crossover point the MF just become more presented and ... nothing ELSE happen. I never heard it before as any single tweeter that I tried along with dropping of crossover point and picking some MF tone the drivers also picked some MF “dirt”. This "no noise" inimitable and the VERY lucrative quality of the “Water Drop” tweeter are a great benefit but at the same time it is great labiality. Let me to explain…

If I use some kind of JBL 2440 or anything else that dies out at 8K then the “Water Drop” tweeter would be the God sent. From what I have seen, the second order or high transition slope does not work well with this tweeter. The 8Ohm “Water Drop” works beautifully when it sits behind.8uF-2uF (with limited power). However, the Vitavox S2 runs up to 12K and it has some "inflection" at its upper range. When I inject inot S2 driver the “Water Drop” at 10K with first order then it begin to override the S2. Alex suggests attenuating the “Water Drop” but I do not see at as a solution as I would need to kill a LOT of decibels.

So, it is kind of ironic. The “Water Drop” itself is wonderful. It has no toneal problem to be ingrate with S2. It has the cleanness and the accuracy of TAD PT-9R but it almost 20 dB more sensitive  (!!!) and has no upper MF annoyances. However, I at this point I wonder how I might use it with S2 if the “Water Drop” wants to take over my upper MF range. I do not want to let the “Water Drop” to care my upper MF range as I find the Vitavox S2 is more interesting in there but the “Water Drop” (so far) begins to show off an attitude when I strip from it it's upper MF… So, go figure… Will post later the firther progress…

Measurement courtesy to RAAL Advance Loudspeakers.

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