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Post Subject: perhapsPosted by Dominic on: 2/15/2007
 Paul S wrote:
"Vitriolic" is certainly the wrong word to apply to my "attitude"/post(s), Dominic.  "Amused" is more like it.  I am amused by claims that ANY 4" driver makes a stand-alone "Full-Range" speaker able to  "present the orchestra in all it's living glory", etc, etc.  And that sort of drivel is what I refer to as "hyperbole", because it perfectly fits the definition of the word.

While I think I understand why you compare 4" drivers to SETs, I am not sure that the potential for each of those topologies is equal in terms of frequency response range in a hi-fi system.  

Well you continue to make the same mistake, the one basically that i was driving at. The magic, and the worthiness, so to speak, has nothing to do with being better than 5db down at 30 and 30k hz and managing 30db peak to average ratio with peaks over 120db . It has to do with a contextual reading of the music. that is all. The effort is put in because, in certain contexts it manages enough of the frequency range to feel promising. Drivers like the Feastrex are designed, not because of the "managing enough..." but because of the "contextual reading" where the efforts let slide some shortcommings in favour of a certain kind of connection with music. You don't have to need the full dynamic power of a Vienna Phil, to appreciate the themes and tonal changes, and melodies, and dirrection changes. Let me put it this way: many of the realy great works require you to sit down and concentrate on what's happening, if you're doing that anyway you don't need the crecendos in the overture to hit you in the chest acoustically for them to get your attention. I can totally appreciate massive dynamic capability, and i'm headed in that dirrection myself, but to sell the whole idea..... you know where i'm going with this i think.... near sighted. I'm showing my annoyance, and it wasn't there when i started writing this response, so we'll drop this i think.
Not to milk a chafing cow, but you keep rounding down the diameter of these/those things.

As far as vitriolic, that's just how you came off; or more accurately, a snide and derisive pontification, with a bit of haughty befudlement at the end. That's just how it read you understand.
Perhaps i'm just used to people talking about things like that.

 Paul S wrote:

HOWEVER:  No reason to believe one of those little drivers can't do anything right ...........and dealt with, it can be a pretty nice wide range driver.  Basically, I found it much easier to figure out and adapt for my purposes than horns. But the key words here are "limitations" and "adapt".  Hence, my previous post.

Best regards,
Paul S 

i think we've covered that bit, and agree, but perhaps in different ways. Maybe just because i'm comfortable with certain 'colourations' (horns) that you aren't and vice versa, i suppose.

Unfortunately i don't think this line of discussion is really helping grow the knowledge tree. We're more just trying to understand our opinions vis a vis eachother. To be perfectly honest i think this entire thread was a little pointless. I don't believe Romy's opening argument held much relation to its subject.

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