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Post Subject: Thoughts form future: about Melquiades and Lamm ML2.0.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 2/9/2007

 jessie.dazzle wrote:
I bought the ML2s to use as a development/reference tool while constructing this horn system. The idea being that I would first use them to dial in the horns, and later as a reference, to which I would compare and evolve a 5-channel version of the Super Melquiade DSET amps.

Jessie, it might not be exactly on the subject but I still would like to point out that you are doing very correctly by keeping ML2 as a reference. With all accused limitations of ML2 this amp is very much a reproduced sound reference about the way in which it joints notes. It is not juts harmonics but also some freakish dynamic accents within the harmonics… The  ML2.0 in that area is absolutely superb. In fact if exist any 125dB-130dB sensitive acoustic system then ML2 might be very interesting to play on it and I presume then some of the ML2’s issues might be less evident with very high se4nstivery of load.

So, if/when you make Milq then I highly advise to have your ML2 around. I kept ML2 for a half year after Melquiades was made.  You will see that ML2 will be beneficial for having a good reference regarding that tones/notes jointing. You see, Milq will be more contrasty, more colorful, more dynamic and more articulate. When you will have Milq up and running then that new for you “more everything” will give to you a lot of initial excitement. However, after a while you might fell saturated with this “more everything” and could find yourself with to a collusion that too much “more everything” ads unnecessary sensationalism to music. Then it will be a good idea to switch back to ML2 and to observe how ML2 does. Sure you will observe a few things that you already will not like but also, l you will see that very interesting ML2's NOTES JOINTING INTEGRITY. From there you might consider to set Milq a little bit down, it will be very ease to do by loading the output stage a littlie harder. Eventually you will be able to dial your speaker very prices to have the “proper” (means acoustic-like) tone jointing. Do not worry that by setting Milq down it might “loose” anything. Milq will have a LOT of spare reserve: two stages, no feedback and very fast but at the same time very idiosyncratic driver. So, the word of wisdom: keep ML2.0 for a while. You will/might experience some benefits for re-commissioning ML2 from time to time…. At least how it was with me....


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