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Post Subject: It is all the Framer-like fantasies....Posted by Romy the Cat on: 2/8/2007

When companies begin to produce crap (most of the today arms) then it is the job of various marketing whores, like Michael Fremer and the similar, to invert a theory that would justify the poor sonic results or to explain to the deaf audio-cretins out there that “it is how it should be”.

I do know, Alex, the way how you approach the entire subject is very alien to me, at least I absolutely do not think in this way. An arm should be an arm and a cartridge should be a cartridge. A cartridge should have own sound and it is fine. The arm should not be in the picture at all and should not be even considered from sonic perspective at all (because it should do what it need to do and it is all)

I know a lot of people out there would degree with me but they are cluelessly jaded. The Morons year over year were “educated” that there is some kind of compatibility between arm’s effective mass and cartridge’s compliance. Sure, that compatibility and that logic dose make sense but ONLY in context of initially crappy arms and initially crappy cartridges. When the Audio industry move toward the under-massed tonearms and overly light cartridges then the Propaganda Morons begin to stress the bogus notion of cartridge/arm interface. To “match” cartridge/arm is very useful in order to achieve that strategically-contemporary “stiff sound”, the sound that is  particularly benefited by the contemporary ported enclosures. I recognize is a part of the larger picture:

Anyhow, the truth, at least the truth as I agree to perceive it, is that a tonearm should undependably “to sound well”, regardless of anything else. That “abstract” state of proper sound usually takes please with heavy arm of effective mass of 25-40g, or 2-3 times heavier then the most of the today’s arms (let not even to go into the subject of horizontal effective mass).  From there you put into a properly sound arm  your uniquely sounding cartridge and it is it. The compliance of cartridge does not exist. I mean all cartages have more or less the same compliance and all of them need 2-3 times heavier arm’s driving mass then the stupid circulation of resonant frequency suggests. (Fs = 1000/[6.28*square root (M*C)]).  There are some exceptions – but the supper stiff or supper soft cartridge should be trashed and not to be used to begin with.

The cat

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