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Post Subject: Sensitively vs. power projected to quality.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 2/7/2007

What even more interesting is the relation between sensitivity power. Evan a quadruple increase of power is no compensation for decrease sensitivity. There are many objective justifications why “power does not help”: flux modulations, thermo desertions in drivers, compressions many others. Still, the most fascinating is non-linearity of sensitively vs. power relation. Here I made up juts out of my mind a graph that indicates my visualization of it. Do not be over anal about the exact numbers in there and about what it means “exactly”. It doe not have exact meaning, it rather what Thomas Mann called “truth of moon-light” (when he counted Jacob’s Jews)


Gray Line represents a behavior of a powerful PP that with increasing of power practically linearly dries out the fur of your Cat. The Blue line is how I feel SET behaves.  I know, it is might look for some of your too hypothetical but in fact it is much less hypothetical then you might think. The point is that beefing up you amp increasing its powers is not as necessarily a good direction for getting “better” sound out of a SET. Still, I have no experience with powerful SETs. I have head some SET around the powerful transmitting tubes and some “paralleled SET” (that I’m not convinced that is a good idea to begin with) but in all those situations the general result was very poor and there not conclusive enough to alters my vision and SET’s needs.

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