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Post Subject: Wrong VowelsPosted by op.9 on: 2/5/2007

wow. So much to digest here.

Further thoughts.

This is where I’m at.

  1. It seems that I don’t have the space for optimum straight horns exiting directly onto the listening position as per Romy’s diagram. And besides, I like nearfield listening too.
  1. The roof space needs to be reserved for the mid bass horns.
  1. Yes. It’s a suck it and see question. I’m willing to go with my hunch, when I know what it is, and take the consequences.
  1. One thing nobody has mentioned is using the room’s corners. Is this a no no? I’ve been trying use McBean to model a horn exiting into the corner – with a middle ‘mouth’ about 1m squared - and using a conical approximation as the room corner – with some nominal (very large) mouth size. Am I right that the corners are basically a conical expansion? But. McBean crashes with these numbers and takes my whole computer down with it. Quite dramatic really. Is this model at all relevant? I can’t see why not.
  1. I’m becoming increasingly tempted to build some MORON horns. With a bit of luck, they might be useful. If not they can always just do the bangs and thumps for some ‘home theatre’ system that I’m unlikely to install. Last summer I pointed some 45hz tractrix horns at the corners and got good response down to at least 30hz. Setting the levels nice and low, I still got a very good ‘feel’ to the music. More ambiance and more space. Everything was moronic in this test so I should discount it. But I can’t help wondering…  
  1. Digital delay. Yes, I know – a big topic. I’ve been listening recently to my UltraCurve 2496 through headphones used just as a delay. Digital in and Digital out. I cannot hear any change in sound at all. I've really tried. Luckily – but sadly – I’ve never owned any LPs in my life, so I’m not worried about an extra a/d-d/a in the chain. So I’m not ruling out digital delay completely . . . .
  1. I’m worried. Romy – You say Line Arrays ONLY work on the long room dimension? Can you elaborate? Intuitively I can’t see why. And this was my Get Out Clause. This is worrying.
  1. And another question. I’ve learned the slow way that funny mouth shapes and bends in horns really screw up things in seemingly unrelated parts of the audio spectrum. Is this still true of low bass?

Many thanks for all your empathy!


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