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Post Subject: BasshornPosted by Johan Dreyer on: 2/5/2007

Your rules say no direct answers so forgive me this one.

My horn is a true 21Hz horn.If you want to do the calcsSadMore or less) Throat 6264 square cm.Mouth 48312 cmsq.M or Q 0.7 depth 3m.Quarter space loading.It does not quite make 21Hz.-3db is at 24Hz ( -10db at 22Hz i.e falling like a rock).Rest of response is +/- 2db to the 180Hz crossover-except(and here is the biggest problem with basshorns) a hellacious but narrow standing wave at 68Hz(due to the room width -gone at 60 and 80).Before I built the horn I dragged two large subs into the room to check for standing waves and could not find a single one.Bottom line anyone can build a basshorn.Building the room for it is the biggest problem.Unfortunately my room was already there and has been for 80 years. Enter Rives Parc-On its way-hope it works.

515 Gs is for the reason you said.Also they had to comfortably make the crossover at planned 250 Hz(now actually at 180).This high crossover is also the reason the horns are in not in the roof ,floor or side walls.At 180 the ear is very good at localizing sound origin.Also no bends at what is really low mids.You have documented your frustration with midbass horns and a low enough reaching horn and driver.I agree this must be the most difficult bit in designing such a system without adopting the 15-inch-driver-in-a-resonant-box approach.What I need is a compression driver with a 3 inch throat that can do 100 -1000Hz.Forget ALE 126-It craps out at 500.

Delays:My compression drivers sits in the mouth of the bass horn about 2m from the bass drivers i.e 6ms delay.I have tried but honestly cannot hear this.However moving the tweeters 1cm(0.03ms) is clearly audible.

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