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Post Subject: The smell of 70-years old tubes...Posted by Romy the Cat on: 2/1/2007

Yes, it was kind of interesting. The Tentlabs site does not have anymore those popups (and my machines are environmentally clean). I was so surprised when I sow it that I even went to their web site from my “absolutely clean “server that never ever goes Internet. Anyhow it is not so relevant

What is really interesting if does exist any sonic difference between DHT and IDHT. There is difference between different tubes and between different productions. Would this difference between different tubes more visible then the difference between DHT and IDHT construction? I really do not know. The engineers suggest about some essential advantage of one of other construction but it says a little to me about Sound. I as well have seen and heard plenty of crappy sounding DHT, frankly speaking in most of the cases I head poor sound and I did nit even care to learn what tubes were used. I generally have tendency to express interest only if the result was worthy and I do not accumulate needless audio knowledge.

It would be fun to see some kind of DHT devotee who knows what he does and who can demonstrate the boundary of DHT application. There are a lot of people who make noise about the subject but I never was exposed to anything convincing.  If I have some semi-local serious guy with noble DHT objectives than I might supply him with some interesting tubes. Approximately 8 years ago I bought in German, practically for nothing, a collection of 50-60 tubes; mostly pulls form German radios of 30s. I found it recently in my storage in and I think it might be used somehow. I do not need any amplifiers for myself but if someone is capable and serious about their objective then I would furnish the person with some interesting tubes. As the payback would like be able to learn with results. I know… it is all utopia but if I do not make somebody do the things then I know that I will not be doing it myself....

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