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Post Subject: Looking for DHT inspiration….Posted by Romy the Cat on: 2/1/2007

Thanks, Guy, for your explanations. Still those “have less inertia and are able to change direction more quickly” I feel has more to do with out intellectual visualization of  how DHT work. I do not think that inertia would be correct concept and heaters do not change the evaporation rate dynamically form cathode. For whatever reason you do not talk about Sound in context of this kind of technical subject. Well, it is fine… You are perfectly with your constitutional rights….

Thanks also for pointing out the Tentlabs flosks. I juts read it. I do not know if what they suggest makes sense. I did not play with DHTs and I have no leverage to judge them.  In IDHT Melquiades I use all possible methods to drive the power supply  impedance as low as possible, who know it migh be with DT it is different…... Perhaps the Tentlabs guys are fine but the comments in their “reviewers” sound absolutely idiotic, not to say self contradicting. People praise the batteries powers supplies and then say that high impedance PS are the best equivalent of batteries…. because of the high impedance. Am I missing anything?  Also, it looks hat they do not use chokes, not to mention many other things that do use…. Anyhow while I read at that site I was not impressed … not to mention that a companies whose site’s have a pop-up pages with ads selling Vaigra and OME software are probably worth attention. Very sad…

Surely it is not my objective in this thread to discover how to heat a DHT. I kind of more was looking for a DHT inspiration. I would like to come across an DHT that would make me to wonder about its sound. So far whatever I head DH sounded more like bad amplifiers…. I do not think that it was because the DH tubes but it eliminated an ability to talk/think further…

It would be interested to have the same tube in DHT and IDHT interpretation and to listen it. I head that 2A3 were made as IDHT (dual) - I wonder if someone one them. Anyhow, I will keep my mind open and perhaps someone would impress me with DHT. Some folks told the foresails about the A1 triodes but looking at what else they those peoples did it more impact me with apologetic feelings then with desire to demonstrate any attention to their foresails …

Anyhow, if some one would bring in my room your serious and full of objections SET (driver AND output should be DHT) then it might be educational…. perhaps for both of us…..

The CaT

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