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Post Subject: DHT SET with thoughts wantedPosted by Romy the Cat on: 2/1/2007

Splitting the Lamm ML3 thread:

There are some people who worship direct-heated tubes and attribute to them some ventures (like absent of higher harmonics and a special micro-fineness). There are other people who see in that micro-fineness an excessive granularity – I tend to agree, but my bias primary based upon ignorance…

I do not know exactly, as I hardly heard any SETs that I like generally and particularly a properly used SET. I personally had no seriously-made DHT in my room. Frankly speaking considering what I’m getting out of Super Milq I see no motivation to peruse anything else for my system. However, I would like to keep open mind I do not mind to educate myself about the capacity of the direct heated tubes.

Dima is considering 6E5P-2A3 for himself… but I would like to see a DHT amp use direct heated driver not only DHT output state. Above I said about seriously-made DHT, what did I mean? Most of the people when they build of design amplifiers they juts orange parts together in according of the rules of circuit operation and by mingling with those parts characteristic they try to get out of their amplifier different “Surrogate Sonic Effects”:

I find those “accidentals” amps that produce the “Effects” are boring. By demanding SERIOUSNESS in amp making I mean the creator of amplifier had very sell defend sonic statements. They he made his amplifier to express Sounds in accordance to the statements, in accordance to the ways in which the creator’ consciousness advised him. After all, an amplifier should be rendering humans intentions but not vise-versa…

So, If someone know any seriously-made, two-stages, probably mid-frequency-centric amp with direct heated driver AND direct heated output stage, preferably made around tubes of 30s-40s then I would go to listen or might borrow it. In exchange, to keep the person intrigued, I might lend to the DHT owner my full-range Melquiades….

The Cat

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