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Post Subject: The channel tuning with DSETs.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 1/31/2007

Dominick I do not know what you asking and what you want to do but there is one area in your post that I would like to comment upon: the channel tuning in context of DSET.

The channel tuning is amazingly powerful tool, however it useful if all 3 conditions take place:

1) If it used properly.
2) If the installation has ability to use the channel tuning benefits.
3) If a person who responsible for the system sound has well-defined objectives

Generally a channel tuning could be viewed as THE ONLY proper equalizer available within entire playback. The secondary benefit is ability to tune the attach/decay dynamics and harmonic within a harrow bandwidth with respect to acoustics of the given room.  I would like to note that all those manipulation is imposable to make PROPERLY outside of DSET configuration.

The caT

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