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Post Subject: Re: More about the 103’s reality.Posted by Thorsten on: 12/8/2004


 Romy the Cat wrote:
Eventually!!!! Here is THE subject that actually worth to talk about: how the 103 enrich your sonic prejudices. Be advised that I use the phrase “sonic prejudices” in highly positive light. May I ask you what you like in the 103 so much and what the 103 does to you (sonically) that you can’t find it on other cartridges.

What I like about the 103 is that it sounds colourfull, dynamic and VERY SMOOTH with vocals, the only smoother pickup I know are old ortofon SPU's (not current prodction), but they roll off around 1db/8ve above 5KHz. And that is how I know you never got the 103 in the right context, it does not sound forward or screetchy.

What i dislike about the 103 is that the final LF reach is not quite there (no matter what arm, subjectively the LF below 30Hz is diminished compared to other pickups) and that final bit of air and resolution is missing.

HOWEVER, any pickup (excluding the equally ideosyncratic Ortofon) I have encountered that seemed significantly better than the 103 in the problem areas tended to be a "fair weather" catridge, meaning one that is excellent with some recordings but awful with most.

Ciao T

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