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Post Subject: Not getting the LCR thing....Posted by Thorsten on: 1/27/2007

Only noticed this now....

> Hmmm - the whole LCR thing, I don't like the idea.

Then don't do it.

> I'll admit to having no experience of it, but in engineering terms, it just gives you a constant
> impedance filter.


> The EQ is still done by caps essentially, far as I can tell.

No, the EQ is done by the inductors. The RC sections are literally "zobel" circuits to produce a constant input impedance in the presence of a large inductive reactance. The fact that the Inductors are the frequency shaping devices can be noted from calaculating the timeconstants (L/R) created, 45mH & 600R for example equals 75uS.....

> I see the whole setup as inferior to a low Z split RC network with top quality caps

You tried both then, I take, or are you merely talking in terms of intellectual prejudice?

> The thing to watch with triode input stages

Which I deliberatly did not use, you may note....

Ciao T

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