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Post Subject: Barrels and General Audio Moronism ™Posted by Romy the Cat on: 1/23/2007

***  This ever-present surrogate high resolution become an identity of today audio, the unfortunate identify I have add….

Did you note that that all so-called high-end items while they try to send a message to users that they sounds “better” in fact sound in a very SAME distinguish way? Someone among older philosophers, I do not remember already who it was, suggested that a person should roll a barrel ahead itself. If a person walks across a village then no one notice him. However, if a person rolls a large barrel ahead himself then anyone recognizes that the “person who rolls a barrel” has visited the village… The very same happens with so called high-end audio elements. They all inject that “barrel” into sound. Ironic is that for the contemporary typical audio idiots who get their “education” from audio press and from the Audiogon/AudioAylum sewers the presence of this “barrel” is in fact the definitions of audio quality. Do not even try to plays to those Morons a playback that does not do “barrel”. If you do so the Moron will be sitting in there in complete loss, spinning his head like intoxicated ducks and without understanding what is going on he will keep asking you “Where is the sound?” (Not invented story, I witnessed it multiple times)

So, what characterizes that “surrogate high resolution” or the “barrel sound” of the toady’s audio? The answers is not that you expect….

To be continuing….
Romy the Cat

PS: Sorry, it was pointed out to me that I used Mormonism instead Moronism in this post. It was very un-intentional and I juts miss-spelt it, it is corrected now.

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