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Post Subject: Is this right ?Posted by jessie.dazzle on: 1/21/2007


Because I am sort of mentally challenged and slow, I have dissected and rewritten what I think you meant to say in the middle of your post. Below is my interpretation (say so if I've got it wrong) :

...In the past high-enders came up with the term Hi-Fi, which they applied in a somewhat derogatory manner ; using it to define what they considered "better" sound, but sound that still fell short of their High-End demands.

The concept was rational. However, the incredible idiots (now ?) populating the High-End world use terms without consciousness. In the case of the term Hi-Fi, it is now employed in complete ignorance of its original, somewhat derogatory connotation.

Nowadays audio dealers (?) representing what has become the summit of High-End Audio (really the summit of Sonic Nothingness) are very quick to label products that are slow to sell, or products which are not yet understood, as "Hi-Fi"...

The rest of your post is very clear ; in fact, it is all very clear to me now, but I sort of needed to go through this dissection to get there.

Still, I may have got it wrong, let me know... "hang in there jd, it will come to you..."


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