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Post Subject: About destiny of “High-End Sound”.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 1/19/2007

Looking at the sound that audio high-enders cultivate as High-End Sound I have little enthusiasm in what I see/hear. The High-End Sound, as it exists in 99% of listening rooms is not really High-End Sound but rather the High-End Labeled Sound where the sound is not the result of person/playback efforts but rather a rendering of the precompiled answers to the un-asked questions…

In the past high-enders adopted to themselves an “insulting word Hi-Fi” and they spread it to any “better” sound that they feel did not reach the true High-End demands. The concept was rational but the presence in High-End of those incredible idiots who use phrases instead of the phrases ‘ meaning completely devaluate the applied negative meaning of phrase Hi-Fi. Nowadays you will see many people who represent a summit of sonic nothingness but who very quick to label whatever they do not sell or do not understand yet as “Hi-Fi”. Ask them to explain to you what Hi-Fi means in term of Sound and you will see who you deal with…. I call is the “acid test of audio dealer”: listen to am audio-dealer as ask a few “whys” upon his comment – 99% of then colaps immediately….

The irony is that what today most of the Audio-Morons ™ call as High-End in fact has all attributes of original “applied-negative” meaning of “Hi-Fi”...

So, what in today High-End audio world widely accepted as High-End Sound? The picture is very grim. As time will come I will be posting in this thread my bitching about what Audio-Morons™ consider as their “High-End Sound”. I’m not wiling to target any specific manufactures Rather I would like to think about common unfortunate tendencies and the generalized unfortunate results…

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