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Post Subject: some 6EP5 picsPosted by hagtech on: 1/12/2007

The sockets for 6c33 should be here in a few days.  Meanwhile, I fired up the 6ep5s.  I labeled them ABC.  The B sample ('83) with gold wire has a short or something.  The other two look fine A ('63) has a little more output than C ('62) for the given bias.  These are just random shots.  Settings were 1V/step on the grid and a G2 voltage of 187.  Anything in particular you would like measured?  Transconductance at some bias?  I need to work out a way to get display lines on the scope to show up, then we'll have calibrated mA/div info.

"A" triode mode:

"A" tetrode:

"C" triode:

"C" tetrode:


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