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Post Subject: 6c33 testingPosted by hagtech on: 1/8/2007
 romy wrote:
send you two 6C33C – a new one and the burned out

Please do.  I have interest in the result myself and don't mind spending the time.  I can post photos for each tube.

a trace for the very given tube is “nice to have” but does it have any practical meaning?

That can only be answered by the end user.  Suprisingly, I actually sell more units to afficianados than dealers or manufacturers.  You have to be a serious tube guy to even consider such a machine.  Many are satisfied with a go/no-go type measurement.  However, there are many of us who live in the analog world and cannot divide a grey scale.

feeding the greed with 1000Hz for a simple generator to measure AC on the loaded tube’s plate

Yes, that's exactly how I measure the transconductance.  Except I use a 500Hz square wave.  Much easier to sample and hold the peak level of a square wave than a sinewave.  Sometimes the voltages can get pretty small, and doing analog division can be noisy.  Oh wait, it is different than what you suggest, as I load the plate with (close to) zero ohms.


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