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Post Subject: VacuTrace? Why not.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 1/7/2007

 hagtech wrote:
As usual, they leave out the VacuTrace, by far the best modern day tube tester. 
Interesting, Jim.

I was not in the market for tube tester but I looking at your tracer I fugue out that I might sell a few my cheaper testers (that I need to anyway somewhere) and get yours.  I did not deal with tracers and I hardly know if the trace would give me necessary information. I do not need to chaise operations point – it is have discovered and fixed. As I understand that with a tube getting worn it pick some distortions and alinearity and the trace might show it up.

Still, I wonder if the tracer like your would be able to do what I need. I care less about trunsconductance but I need to assess the level of cathode poisoning and the actual gain of the tubes. Will your tracer be able to pump 250-300mA at 230V? Will it be able to supple up to 100-110V of bias? Also, if it possible to have your tracer not with 2 receptacles but with 4 or 5 had-wired receptacles (transmitting tube, dual triode, single triode (1), single triode (2), penthode). I would have no problem to do it myself theoretically…

Another point. I deal with Russian 6C33C that have absolutely random quality. The new tubes could have completely different operation and I more concern about the progress of each given tubes with time then compliance to a selected trace pattern. So, dos it men that I need to use one of those commentary scopes with memory and compare the traces externally?

Other things. Is it possible to intermit microphoneiks based upon the trace when I knock the tube?

Now the crazy things. I know you professionals would feel that I am an idiot but I did not did not fine any more reliable way to say anything objectively about the tube gain. Having six 6C33C running parallel in 6 channels you might understand that it is critical for me.  Seeing the 6C33C that with identical mutual conductance, identical current and identical cathode emission produce +/_2dB I was wondering how do not convert my amplifier into equalizer… So, the only way how I do it is to set the identical current for all tubes (disregarding the amount if bias as the relation between current and bias in 6C33C is very unpredictable), load the tubes against the normal operational load and then driving reference current thought the grid, measuring the actual gain. I am actual was thinking to add this capacity into my Hickok TV-2 but I do not mind to pay money to somebody who have already took care bout it. So, will the trace or any other operation mode on your tracer be able to objectively tell about the tubes gains against a given load? If not, then would it be possible to add this functionally for extra charge?

Romy the Cat

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