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Post Subject: It isn't (read, is) about the moneyPosted by Paul S on: 1/7/2007
Deja vu:  I seem to remember getting about this far on the subject any number of times.  Not only do I have fairly limited applications, but I also noticed that many of the testers do not even allow the kind of testing I would want to do, or each is limited to one or two of the several functions I need.

I remember some of your photos showing your DMM hooked into a test(er) loop.

And, no, I never realized the damn things used AC!  How weird is that?!

But few of those portable testers test at actual working voltages, etc.

Have you seen this one?:

As close as I've seen so far to covering what I want, but a $200 adaptor is required for the 6C33C, which pushes it to $2,600, right out of the chute.

I could just go ahead and pay Lamm's price for lots of critical ML2 tubes and still have enough left over to make a nice (tax deductable) contribution to the GOP 2008 war chest, maybe get myself a dinner invitation...

Best regards,
Paul S

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