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Post Subject: Get, or made up a tube tester, it’s necessaryPosted by Romy the Cat on: 1/7/2007

Paul, another my spin a little off the subject but since it has to do with your current dealing with ML2 I would express it here.

Since you use some tube gear then why you agree to be a slave of random circumstances? Tubes have problems – they go out off their good operation gradually…  and it is the bitch.  When they do when the filaments are still glowing and the tube could care the current (many variations are possible, deepens of the tube) but the tube sounds “like shit”. It actually good when the tube sounds like shit – juts replace it and forget it, however the problem is the most of the tubes do not sound like shit but rather have a fraction of their sound “like shit”. It is very hard to detect it subjectively that the tube is going and you need a tube tester to do it.

It looks like your are deep into the audio it is does not look that tomorrow you will switch to stamps collecting or to chess playing. If so, then get yourself a tube tester or any other means to test tubes objectively and reliably. The alternative might be terrible. Some people have their equipment operated for year with worn tubes, the tubes that might have some tonal and “energetic” deficiency but the people juts do not know bout it. We demand objective cardiogram in order to detect a health condition of heart. Tubes are the hart of tube amps and why do not treat them with the same demands?

Romy the Cat

PS: this thread is split from: Initial thoughts about new/old Lamm ML2s

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