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Post Subject: ZYX Mono wish answered. But is this company for real?Posted by tokyo john on: 1/6/2007

 Brian Clark wrote:

Perhaps Zyx will come out with a mono cart one day soon since they are now fashionable.


Sorry to be responding to an old post but ZYX has just released a mono cart which costs less than 400 dollars in Japan.
I found out when I was recently lectured on how all stereo MCs are flawed in channel balance because ZYX has got the patents on the remedy. They all lack “real stereo” which leads to compromised stereo imaging and S/N ratio.

Now, Romy has taught us to think about what is missing or wrong with the sound first before we upgrade, and I think that is very good advice. I am therefore rather skeptical and am in no rush to dump my Ikeda and Koetsu.

But, I was told that this phenomenon is very easily verifiable by playing left and right speakers separately and noticing big imbalance for non-ZYX carts.

And (confession time) I usually listen to music at very low volumes (headphones if I need loud music), so maybe I have merely failed to notice "a serious channel imbalance problem"?

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