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Post Subject: Observation from 2006: Super Milq advancementsPosted by Romy the Cat on: 1/1/2007

First major audio observation that I made is that my Super Melquiades should be revised. After a year and a half of using the amp I came across to some conclusions that outlined the prospective changes in my DSET.

1) The phase inverters after output transformers will remove. The Super Milq has in each channel remote control managed high quality relays after the output transforms that invert the phase sent to speakers. Although I would not question the necessity of absolute phase inverter (the correct phase is clearly audible) there is something else. Despite that to flip the phase is very easy and comfortable to do with my remote control but I observed that I did not do it most of the time. I used the phase inverter mostly during audio assessment what I wanted to set “better Sound” for a perfect methodological environment. However, during casual music listening I hardly paid attention to correctness of absolute phase.

2) The HF channel of the Super Melquiades should be revised. Something is wrong in there and it does not sound as I would like to. It mostly relates to improper amount of “density” of sound at HF. Interesting that the full range Milq had no such a problem. Also, the HF channels in the Super Milq are not high-passable for whatever reasons. The only different between the Super Milq and full range Milq is the output transformer, use of half of the tube of the last cap in B+. I observed the high amount of capacitance in B+ make HF “hard”. I am planning to go from 15.000uf to 1000-2000 and change output transformer. In addition I presume that the way in which I used my current HF OPTS was a bad way to do it. I use 0.9H transformer with 4 primaries and 8 secondaryes and in order to load the tube properly I use one of the primary as secondary… As I was informed it is not kosher way to get the best out of transformer in case of serious demands.

This pretty much all revisions that I intend to do. I have two brands of other output transforms that I will be trying. I will propone those changes until I get my new tweeters (another month or so) as when I get the tweeters I will be contemplating to put another “tweeter” channel in the super Milq – I have all enclosure work ready to go.

Rgg, the Cat

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