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Post Subject: About the “gain arrogance”.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 12/5/2004

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How much is what your appreciate in the SPU sound derives from the SPU’s high output. When we load out typical 60-65++ dB gain phonostages with high output 2-3mV cartridges then Sound is way more interesting.

I would not speculate if the thick wires in the coils, amount of the turns, different magnets and some other things are affecting the result but I feel defiantly that overloaded phonostage performs very different then properly loaded. Even if you take the primitive .25V Denon and plug it into 85db gain phonocorrector then it will do way better then a regular 60-65dB phonocorrector. Let presume that by making this observation I took care about all loading, arming and the rest of the things and let assume that I absolutely do not talking about noise.

So, by commenting about the “big” and warm” SPU sound… how much this “largeness” comes from the initial large voltage coming into the corrector, particularly in your case: the 834P loves a lot of input voltage?

When we use a low output needle, properly load it and introduce a lot of gain after phonostages then it always sounds thin, small and contra-warm. The cartridges warmth comes with the “gain arrogance”, or at least this is what I feel.

Anyhow, I am contemplating to get the SPU Mono needle… I just hesitant to do it because I would need a mono phonocorrector and I am too lazy to build it…

Thanks, Starboy
The Cat

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