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Post Subject: 1942, Berlin, March 22-24 concertPosted by Romy the Cat on: 12/27/2006

 Paul S wrote:
…. No, I can’t get Beethoven’s 9th just right, but then I don’t presently aim to.  Call me a quitter, but I just mostly gave up quite a few years ago… 

 Romy the Cat wrote:
… There are many-many releases of the celebrated psychedelic performance of the Ninth by Furtwangler’s in 1942. Probably the “Music and Art’s” was the best release attempt on CD.… 

I think I would expend little on the subject. The Furtwangler’s 1942 performance was issued by countless labels. Sine, I so love this B-IX I have probably a dozen different LP pressing of the performance and probably a dozen of different CDs. It is very difficult to find a properly sounding CD of the B-IX Furtwangler’s 1942. In fact all of them are garbage, completely ruined but the sound engineer’s “best intentions”. Still, there is one absolutely wonderful CD that I very much like. The “Music and Art’s” has a number of the releases of the performance, including one, absolutely unique. It was remastered in 1990 and was available for a short time as CD-653. It is still pop up her and there and it has as good sound as the 1942’s “Magnetophone” could be. Find it and play it anywhere you wish – table radio, crapy car sterios, computer system… it will “sound” very good everywhere…

For further "education" I would suggest to read a wonderful article  by Peter Gutmann:

and in the end … here is the actual footage (!!!) the bottom of the Beethoven’s 9th, 1942, Berlin, March 22-24 concert

Rgs, Romy the Cat

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