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Post Subject: Getting that CurvePosted by jessie.dazzle on: 12/24/2006
Paul is correct ; you could make the vertical member from one thick hollow pole or tube and be done... this is by far the most economical route.

But since we like that curve in your latest design... (this could become a very powerful sculpture) :

Economical solution : Use several 3" square section hollow tubes standing vertically, lined up behind the rear chamber of your Bass horn... The tubes could then be welded to eachother (a small 1" weld every foot). The whole stack of tubes could then be cut to the curve you desire (like a pipe organ or a pan flute).

To cut along the curve you would probably want to find a shop with a large band saw (and a guy who is not in a hurry), as a torch, plasma, or laser cutter would make a mass of it.

The resulting vertical member would be dead stiff.

More expensive, more involved, but more professional solution : Make a hollow core member from laser cut sheet (4mm thick).

Places that do laser cutting can read .dxf .cdr .ai .tcw and .dwg files. This means that you don't need to use a CAD program, a simple vector drawing program such as CorelDRAW or Adobe Illustrato will export the info in the required file format.

Final assembly should be quite easy for a good welder, as the visible welds would all be on out-facing corners.

You could use the same technique to make the horizontal member (which would benefit from a greater vertical section where it meets the main member).

Potential work of art : Ultimately, it would be best to hand the project to someone like this guy here :

If you go with laser cutting, you can put curves wherever you desire... You could for example make the base of the vertical member not only deeper, but also wider...

If you go this far you will probably want set the finished work of art where you can really stand back and see it... which probably means moving to a place large enough for that pair of 40Hz horns !



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